Cassandra Lou

Cassandra Lou was my best friend. We went everywhere together for the few days we were friends. She laughed at my jokes. She cried with me when I was scared in the middle of the night. She didn’t even mind when I accidentally forget about her when I went to Church on Sunday that week.

Cassandra Lou was smiling from the moment she saw me on Christmas morning! I knew we were going to be together forever and as I packed for the trip to Daddy’s house that day, she didn’t make a peep as I squished her tiny body into my backpack. I carefully tucked her “cornsilk” hair in on top of her so it didn’t get caught in the zipper and then in tossed her special brush. She continued to smile at me with her dimples and her blue eyes as bright as ever.

“You didn’t take that doll, did you?”

“I put it in my backpack”

“Give it to me. I told you not to take it to his house.”

And in a second, my best friend was being ripped from the safety of my arms and carried to the basement. I followed quickly behind tears beginning to pour from my eyes, my mouth closing tight so no sound would escape.

In a second, Cassandra Lou’s life was ended. The shears I’d seen used on hedges and brush, now tearing into the cloth of her tiny body. Her cornsilk curls bouncing helplessly as soft, snow white organs fell to the ground, all while she stared at me with her icey blue eyes…smiling.

She forgave me. She still loved me.


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