Sayonara break…

Wrapping up the evening and reflecting, realizing how much has changed in the past week. Both girls are now working, and spent the majority of break doing just that!  They are learning how to juggle life, work, theater and now this week they will add school into the mix.  A decision was made for me moving forward. I was determined to make this decision over the break and quit floundering back and forth.  I feel good about it and now I just have to craft the email to support the long hours I put into making it.  (Procrastination at its best…tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow!)

I didn’t travel anywhere, but I don’t feel sad about that.  I spent a lot of time thinking.  I needed that!  It seems like every day flies by and before I know it I haven’t stopped to even breathe, let alone appreciate anything around me.  So I was happy to stop and “smell the roses.”

They smelled fantastic.  It felt good.  

Hopefully it still feels good at 5:30 am tomorrow morning!


2 thoughts on “Sayonara break…

  1. I love your optimism here! You sound so positive about break being over (I was so WOE IS ME Sunday night LOL)
    I’m glad you were able to reset and recharge over break, and I hope this new normal for your family settles in nicely (Hello, crock pot meals!!!) ❤


  2. Hi Jennifer, WELCOME to #SOL23! I am one of your readers and look forward to more posts…especially about this decision you’ve made and what it will involve. I am awaiting a Spring Break the last month of March. Just that “No School” across the calendar makes me smile!


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